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Welcome to Katsaros SA



Our company E. Katsaros SA and Ip. Katsaros & Sons SA began operating before 80 years and is one of the oldest companies in this space, making early farm machinery and then representing as exclusive importers in Greece, notable manufacturing houses such as the Agricultural Machinery Machinery Chortodetikes BAMFORDS England, the STEYR FENDT Tractors and Machinery and Accessories companies FALC.

Today, our company "E. KATSAROS CORPORATION" striving and trying, with the sole purpose of service and customer support and maintenance and the climate of openness and trust. Our experience and knowledge combined with your ideas and suggestions led us to be able today to cover the needs of the modern farmer - a farmer with agricultural machinery by providing 100% security, top quality construction at very low cost. On this basis alone, the company now "E. KATSAROS SA" imports and distributes in exclusivity for Greece tractors Italy PASQUALI and reserved for Greece and the Balkans tractors Korea KIOTI. RATED provide tractors from 19 HP to 90 HP in various sizes ideal for viticulture and arboriculture. Specifically, in the range of models the company found PASQUALI innovations such as:

  • Tractor with cabin safety profile with low maximum height 1.70 m and equipped with a charcoal filter for 100% protection at the time of spraying poisons both dentrokalliergeies and vines growing in a covered vineyards.

  • Tractors with a reversible seat option of providing road traffic in both directions. Minimum length 0.90 m - 0.80 m height. Tractors articulated chassis (split) A maximum of flexibility and rotation.

  • The range of models to meet company KIOTI innovations such as:
  • Cooled cylinder engines with superior workmanship. Dual Differential 4x4 (4WD). Crawling speed for running with a minimum speed for use of special equipment - riversa selection forward or backward direction with respect to any transmission.
  • Brakes on all four wheels reducers. Steering mechanism with rapid rotation. Low prices, low maintenance costs.

    Full range of accessories, chiselling bits, lifting forklift, forklift truck, lifting buckets, shredders, mowers and transport platforms.
  • The machines we offer are top quality construction and maximum security at low prices. We hope to start relations of friendship and our company is always nearby. You simply trust us!